This video was taken up by Wall Street Journal and was broadcasted as news,
It is when we CHUWA participated in ECO EXPO in Hong Kong on 2013.

It is defined that “human beings are animals that can use fire”.
Since discovery of fire, we human beings have made significant progress and built modern civilization by utilizing fire.

If we are to position the fire that built our modern civilization as dynamic fire, we can position the fire for incineration as static fire, as if "artery" and "veins".
As “artery" and "veins" are inevitable for human beings, good balance of "dynamic fire" and "static fire" functions are inevitable for further development and survival of our civilized society.
Our company has achieved its social mission of contributing to better environment by lighting and expanding the "vein" fire.
And now, we utilize Chuwastar's fire to incinerate medical waste safely, promptly and reliably in medical settings all over the world.
Our vision is to achieve sustainable and better environment through our Chuwastar all over the world!!



model F
model F print
CHUWASTAR's advantages
  • Smokeless incineration
  • Various wastes can be incinerated together
  • Quick incineration
  • Excellent durability
  • Air conditioning system by heat recycling system
CHUWASTAR's equipment
  • Second funace, heat proof up to 1100°C
  • Ignition & After burner
  • Thermostat & thermometer
  • Cyclone dust collector
  • Ejector
  • Water cooled pipe against backfire
  • Water level control & alert system
CHUWASTAR's can dispose of
  • Dialyzer, Catheter, Blood bag, Urine bag, Syringe, Ringer bottle, Spitz, Laboratory dish Glove, Disposal diapers, Gauze, Absorbent cotton, etc.
  • Polyethylene, polypropylene, polyester Acrylic, Epoxy, Phenol, Melamine FRP, ABS, Nylon, Film, etc.
  • Natural rubber, Synthetic rubber, Artificial leather Ebonite, Tire, etc.
  • Waste oil, waste solvent, waste paint, Waste cloth, etc.
  • Paper, cardboard, wood, fiber, general rubbish, etc.


Model name Capacity kg/h Hearth m2 Furnac capacity m3 Inlet size mm Setting area Source Output kw Working weight Kg Vapourised water volume l/h
FE-15 10~20 0.26 0.24 450×450 1850×1450 200V 0.40 1,260 70
F-1S 20~25 0.26 0.3 450×450 2150×1600 200V 0.40 1,700 80
F-1 25~35 0.36 0.4 500×500 2200×1600 200V 0.75 2,000 100
F-2 50~70 0.48 0.6 500×500 3000×2000 200V 1.50 3,000 160


model CX
model CX print
CHUWASTAR's advantages
  • Smokeless incineration
  • High temperature combustion
  • Quick incineration
  • Various wastes can be incinerated together
  • Excellent durability
  • Heat recycling system, Utilization of hot water
CHUWASTAR's standard equipment
  • Second funace, heat proof up to 1100°C
  • Ignition & After burner
  • Gas treatment device
  • Cyclone dust collector
  • Water level control & alert system
CHUWASTAR's structure
  • Fixed floor combustion method
  • Water-jacket cooled structure
  • A forced air supply method


Model name Capacity kg/h Hearth m2 Furnac capacity m3 Inlet size mm Setting area Source Output kw Working weight Kg Vapourised water volume l/h
CX-1 40~58 0.58 0.94 550×500 2375×2050 200V 2.20 2,570 120
CX-2 75~85 0.67 1.36 600×500 2575×2350 200V 3.70 3,940 180
CX-3 100~118 0.8 1.74 650×550 2750×2500 200V 5.50 5,260 240
CX-4 125~163 1.08 2.22 700×600 2975×2650 200V 7.50 7,210 300
CX-5 150~188 1.35 3.02 800×650 3200×2800 200V 11.00 10,950 360


Structure of CHUWASTAR

Water-cooled structure

The main body of furnace is fully covered with water jacket system.
Therefore even plastic, which produce a lot of heat, can be incinerated easily.
By water-cooled structure, CHUWASTAR's durability is outstanding.

Made by steel board

The main body of furnace and the cyclone dust collector are made by steel board, SS-400.
Therefore if damaged, it can be easily repaired.

Made by Aluminum processing.

Cyclone and exhaust duct are made by steel board, and those are covered with alloy of iron and aluminum.
By this process, those parts have excellent durability against acid and heat.

Fireproof material

Fire proof material is used for hearth, an injection door and the ash outlet door.

Forced air supply method

The air is supplied compulsory to furnace by high pressure turbofan.
The necessary oxygen is supplied with stability, and it enable the complete and smokeless incineration.

Air supply Nozzle system

A lot of air supply nozzles located on efficient positions ensure the enough oxygen.
It enables complete combustion and smokeless incineration.

Water-cooled pipe for prevention of backfire

A water-cooled pipe is established for prevention of backfire in furnace.
This device ensures safety, and anyone can use the incinerator without special skill.

Ejector device

It is a device to keep minus number pressure inside the furnace and increase the efficiency of dust collection.



CHUWASTAR has outstanding performance in smokeless incineration.

Possible for mixed combustion

You can incinerate plastic, rubber, paper and wood together in smokeless by CHUWASTAR's furnace.

Dust collector system

To prevent dust scattering, CHUWASTAR's furnace is equipped with cyclone collector.

Low cost

Basically, CHUWASTAR works without diesel oil, so you can maintain at small cost.

Excellent durability

CHUWASTAR is the incinerator which has excellent durability.

Heat recycle system

CHUWASTAR's furnace has ecology design which can use the warm water.

Compact design

CHUWASTAR is the furnace of a compact design.

Chuwastar's technology : Why water cooled structure ?

Incinerator is classified into 2 types, Brick or Castable Build type & Water cooled type,
In the method of heat-proof
1) Brick Build type furnace: Built by brick and heat proof material(=Castable)
2) Water cooled furnace: Fully covered with Water Jacket

■Merit & Demerit of Bric build furnace & Water cooled furnace

1) Brick build furnace 2) Water cooled furnace
Material of heat proof Brick /Castable Water
Material of heat proof Brick /Castable Water
Smokeless incineration Difficult Possible
Heat accumulate inside the furnace, the gasification of waste is too rapidly. It cause short of oxygen, and may emit black smoke. Water jacket absorbs the heat, and can control the speed of gasification, it enable the smokeless incineration.
If incinerate……
Plastic Difficult Possible
Rubber Black smoke emit Smokeless
Moisture waste Possible Difficult
Spray can May be damaged by explosion of spray can Durable for explosion of spray can
Durability Easy to be damaged by heat Excellent
Maintenance Periodical repair needed No need periodical repair
Operation Delicate for shock, need some technique to operate Easy : No special skill needed
Safety Surface of furnace is too hot, risk of burn No risk of burn
Shape Design should be restricted Design is flexible
Technique Traditional technique Innovative technique

Chuwastar's technology : Why smokeless ?

3Ts for complete incineration


Those 3Ts are critical elements for incineration, if those 3Ts are appropriate,
smokeless incineration can be done.
CHUWASTAR meets these 3 conditions and also pursues compact and durable design.

CHUWASTAR's Air supply system into furnace

For complete & smokeless incineration, it is necessary to supply
enough air into furnace continuously.
Therefore, CHUWASTAR equip,

High pressure turbo fan

High pressure turbo fan supplies the necessary air into furnace
continuously, and make "Turbulence" inside furnace.

Air supply system (Air pipe & Air nozzle)

CHUWASTAR has the system to make the furnace filled with air.
This system is one of the important techniques of smokeless incineration.
For smokeless incineration, the waste's gasification is necessary, and the gas
need to be contacted with oxygen sufficiently.
If the gas leak outside furnace without contacting with oxygen, it may cause
smoke and smell.
To supply the plenty of air into furnace, a lot of nozzles are located on the
wall inside furnace, and the nozzles jet the air into furnace.

Surplus air ratio

For complete combustion, need to supply more than "theoretical air volume"
"Surplus air ratio", is the ratio of actual air volume to theoretical
air volume.

A=mAO A=Actual air volume,
AO =theoretical air volume
m = Surplus air ratio

m = 2 ~2.5 in CHUWA
By those air supply system such as air nozzle & high pressure turbo fan, we succeed to provide
2 - 2.5 times as much as the theoretical air volume, and complete incineration can be done.

Remaining time inside furnace

"Time" is also important factor for smokeless combustion
For complete combustion, unburnt gas should be contacted with air as long as possible.
Therefore, we designed the furnace as long as possible at the reasonable cost.


What is the best way to dispose of medical wastes?

The answer is incineration.

Burnable Waste

Syringe, placenta, catheter, dialyzer, blood bag, infusion bag, urine collection bag, Ringer's container, centrifuge tube, dish, rubber gloves, gauze, absorbent cotton, operating gown, diapers, surgery piece, waste chemicals, waste drug, shredded bed.

Resolution of Storage Problem

If you will be free from storage problems, you can be release from mental strain.

You need to avoid these situations!


Supply Record

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Central Asia

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Eastern Asia
Country Sample of User Model
China Sumitomo Co. AP-180
Hong Kong Biotesten(ASIA)GMBH Co., Ltd. FE-15
Taiwan Berlin.,Co.Ltd F-1
Korea Lotte AP-70
Country Sample of User Model
Ireland Superior Packing limited AP-120
UK Murphy solid waste system ltd AP-70
Finland Unit Show Machinery OY HAINAL-150
Netherlands Waste handling company F-1,F-2
Russia Russia Metal Public Co. AP-150
North America
Country Sample of User Model
USA www International AP-70
Country Sample of User Model
New Zealand Packaging material manufacturer F-2
Micronesia Chuuk city hospital F-1S
Tuvalu Daihatsu Diesel MFG Co.,Ltd. LF-30
Kiribati Daihatsu Diesel MFG Co.,Ltd. LF-30
Papua New Guinea Chiyoda Corporation RO-200
South America
Country Sample of User Model
Brazil Assai PR Brazil F-2
South-Eastern Asia
Country Sample of User Model
Singapore SAN RAKU PTE.LTD F-1
Thailand Teijin polyester CX-4L
Vietnam Advanced International Joint Stock Company F-1S
Philippines Union Ajinomoto Inc F-1
Indonesia P.T.Markenin Hutama AP-70
Brunei Tanjung Aru Beach Hotel F-2
Southern Asia
Country Sample of User Model
Iran System Kikou High Pressure Waching Facility in Boiler
Western Asia

We are searching for Agency/Distributor companies around the world.
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Established Oct. 1969
Location Head office 3-8、2Chome,Nihonbashi-honcho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 103-0023 Japan
Osaka Branch Osaka
Nagoya Branch Nagoya
Kyushu Branch Fukuoka
Representative President Kuniaki Imao
Capital 10,000,000 yen
Business Contents Medical waste incinerator
Industrial waste incinerator
Dioxins corresponding incinerators
High-efficiency small incinerators
Bug filter dust collector
Electrostatic precipitator
Rotary kiln furnace for sludge drying
Exhaust gas treatment equipment
Design, manufacture, and construction of various recycling equipment


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