Structure of CHUWASTAR

Water-cooled structure

The main body of furnace is fully covered with water jacket system.
Therefore even plastic, which produce a lot of heat, can be incinerated easily.
By water-cooled structure, CHUWASTAR’s durability is outstanding.

Made by steel board

The main body of furnace and the cyclone dust collector are made by steel board, SS-400.
Therefore if damaged, it can be easily repaired.

Made by Aluminum processing.

Cyclone and exhaust duct are made by steel board, and those are covered with alloy of iron and aluminum.
By this process, those parts have excellent durability against acid and heat.

Fireproof material

Fire proof material is used for hearth, an injection door and the ash outlet door.

Forced air supply method

The air is supplied compulsory to furnace by high pressure turbofan.
The necessary oxygen is supplied with stability, and it enable the complete and smokeless incineration.

Air supply Nozzle system

A lot of air supply nozzles located on efficient positions ensure the enough oxygen.
It enables complete combustion and smokeless incineration.

Water-cooled pipe for prevention of backfire

A water-cooled pipe is established for prevention of backfire in furnace.
This device ensures safety, and anyone can use the incinerator without special skill.

Ejector device

It is a device to keep minus number pressure inside the furnace and increase the efficiency of dust collection.



CHUWASTAR has outstanding performance in smokeless incineration.

Possible for mixed combustion

You can incinerate plastic, rubber, paper and wood together in smokeless by CHUWASTAR’s furnace.

Dust collector system

To prevent dust scattering, CHUWASTAR’s furnace is equipped with cyclone collector.

Low cost

Basically, CHUWASTAR works without diesel oil, so you can maintain at small cost.

Excellent durability

CHUWASTAR is the incinerator which has excellent durability.

Heat recycle system

CHUWASTAR’s furnace has ecology design which can use the warm water.

Compact design

CHUWASTAR is the furnace of a compact design.